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Baltor Steel Lda is a company of excellence in the Metalworking and Engineering and Construction industry, headquartered in Vila do Conde and with offices in Viana do Castelo, with a strong presence in Europe.

By understanding the reality of each job and project, embracing new challenges with proactivity, Baltor Steel focuses on the training and quality of all its employees, making them responsible for a work of excellence.

With a wide portfolio of customers, Baltor Steel grows every day, applying an exchange of Know-How, thus ensuring a service of rigor, professionalism and quality.

Mission and Vision

Acting as a market reference in the engineering and construction industry and in the metalworking industry in order to satisfy and support the growth of our partners and employees, as an engine for social and economic development, working ethically and responsibly, with quality and safety.

The satisfaction and responsibility of our employees in their work allows us to provide a dynamic and quality response to our partners. We treat each failure as learning, and these are employed as a new stepping stone to success and continual improvement.

Our level of commitment and attentive listening to our partners allow us to offer the most viable and appropriate solutions for each project.


Expand its presence in the national and international markets. Distinguish itself in the market for efficient, quick and quality responses to any request from its partners. Pursuing the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s resource management for continuous improvement of its responsibilities and the quality of all projects.


Interested parties: The main focus of the organization is customer satisfaction and all parties interested in the services provided.

Central pillar that allows for the company’s level of excellence: communication.

Respect for employees: Maintain a cohesive and motivated team, promoting the safety, health and well-being of employees, through awareness-raising actions, awareness of issues related to environmental aspects, safety, promotion of quality and socially responsible practices.

Productivity and optimization of resources: Ensure and encourage the company’s sustained economic growth.

Commitment to the client: Acting in the client’s interest with rigor and professionalism, creating value.

Legal compliance: Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activities performed, as well as others to which the organization subscribes.

Commitment to the environment and climate change: Promote responsible consumption of available resources, with the aim of minimizing the impacts of its activity on the environment, including the prevention and control of pollution.

Commitment to continuous improvement: carry out a periodic review of proposed objectives and targets, through permanent monitoring, measurement and analysis of the activity’s performance.





Engineering and Construction: +351 258 247 935

Metalworking: +351 258 247 551


Engineering and Construction:



Tax Adress:
Plano Parque Empresarial, Rua do Batel, Nº 1094, Escritório Bc209.3 4485-253 Vila do Conde

Rua Salvato Feijó |
Edifício Active Center

     Engineering and Construction: Loja E | Piso -1 | 4900-415 Viana do Castelo

     Metalworking: Loja AE/AF | Piso 1 | 4900-415 Viana do Castelo

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