Metalworking Services



Challenges that come to fruition.

The shipbuilding and ship repair industry is an activity that encompasses the merchant marine, fishing and recreational sectors. At Baltor Steel we carry out all types of construction, maintenance and repair of metal structures for the naval industry.

Oil industry

We work with energy.

We support installations and equipment for the oil and gas industry through the manufacture, assembly and repair of all types of industrial piping, mechanical equipment, reservoirs, pumps, tanks, hydraulic systems, among others.

Industrial maintenence

Smooth operation, security and performance.

We know that a breakdown can lead to big losses, so count on us to ensure your company’s productivity through rigorous industrial maintenance. Our technicians repair all types of production line machines and report potential problems in order to prevent malfunctions.

Prefabrication of Metallic Structures

Versatility and speed.

We develop innovative solutions in the manufacture and assembly of different prefabricated metallic structures, according to the needs and specifications of each client, in compliance with the norms and regulations. Regardless of size or format, we adopt the most suitable system for the construction of industrial halls, warehouses, garages, roofs, offices, among others.

Renewables and Offshore

We bet on renewable generation.

Baltor Steel recognizes the importance of exploited renewable energies to generate clean and efficient electricity. We are prepared for the manufacture and assembly of equipment of this type, namely the various sections, rings and components of onshore and offshore wind towers.

Industrial piping

Construction and assembly of metallic pipes.

We are specialized in the construction and assembly of metallic pipes for industry in the most diverse materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and polyethylene, according to the needs and specifications of each client.




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